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Winter, cold and clouds

Well it’s winter… again. I was rather looking forward to the dark nights so I could get a little bit of astronomy done but I don’t think I’ve seen a clear night yet. I did spot Orion one evening driving home from a restaurant but by the time I had got home the clouds had returned (and the wine probably wouldn’t have helped proceedings either!)

All in all it’s been a rather wet and dismal winter so far as we are only just beginning. It’s bound to get worse; in fact I’m being regaled by colleagues of tales of snow coming, who I’m sure only tell me these things to make me feel worse.

Whilst I’m feeling glum the thought occurs that I may be a victim of seasonal affective disorder. Perhaps something to look into. Either a bit of winter sun or failing that a sunlight lamp perhaps. I wonder if I could get either through company expenses?



It’s not even October yet (honest) and it’s misty, cold and dark in the mornings. Summer is really really over and I think it may even be time to turn the heating back on. Time flies when you are having fun it seems.

Back to work and the “big freeze”

Well, I’m well and truly back to work now. Thursday and over the hump of the first week back after a break. Bloody cold though. My office has been at 6 degrees C most of the week… brrrrrrrr

That being said, it IS winter. It amazes me that the whole of the UK seems in shock that it’s cold… DURING WINTER! Who would have thought it possible?

Just wait till the conveyor stops working, THEN we’ll get some winters! I’m buying shares in rocksalt…

Ice and snow… and ice.

Well due to the recent inclement weather I managed to slip on black ice and fall badly on my left ankle. When I hit the floor I had some nice white flashes and nausea, leading me to believe I had broken something.

As it turns out my ankle was simply sprained, (it has now gone a rather fetching shade of black and purple). I was surprised at the time though as a few bystanders rushed to assist me with one good Samaritan picking me up off the floor and helping me to a bench. A few shopkeepers rallied around and called for assistance and in no time at all a security guard turned up asking if I needed an ambulance. As i’m a big strong man (cough) I declined the ambulance but the response was heartwarming. It reaffirmed my belief in the human species.

Between my recent experience of excellent customer service and now good Samaritans, I’ve got a warm fuzzy feeling inside which may be because it’s Christmas (or because of the painkillers I’m taking for my sprain)