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Don’t Grow Old (Horizon – BBC2)

Don’t Grow Old (Horizon – BBC2)

Very interesting episode of Horizon last night talking about ageing. I was expecting another re-hash of the Aubry de Gray nonsense but was surprised by new findings and actual products for sale. We certainly live in interesting times and I’m sure Ray Kurzweil is taking notes. Lots of potential “bridge” technologies on offer at the moment. Damn expensive though at £25,000 per year.


Far left politics and post scarcity idealism

Dont ask…. it’s been a long night and an odd journey through wikipedia. No real conclusion but I dont agree with enough of the UK Respect Party’s manifesto to stump up the £10 joining fee. Perhaps in another 10 years the Parpolity may be a little closer. Although by then the capitalists will be moving onto the moon and asteroid belt and from there where does it end? Zero containment. I can see a future war between left wing and right wing or at the least a book plot line! And dont get me started on e-government! In my mind every decision should have a “vote now” button on a gov.uk website. Perhaps you would have to put in your (e)passport number or something so only citizens could vote, but then whats stopping the nefarious from extorting the poor/weak into voting for their preferred outcome? That being said, whats stopping that from happening now with the paper based system (hahaha 2009 and we are using paper votes?!). I guess the sheer number of votes in a completely open government would mean that rigging would be easier to hide. Although once we go post scarcity there is less motivation to rig votes.
No easy answers but the next 50 years will certainly be interesting in the political arena. I just dont see how the right wing parties can survive the spike…