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Jelly and Ice-cream

I had forgotten how fantastic jelly and ice-cream is. Party food is brilliant and underrated.



Whilst it should be an¬†enjoyable¬†experience I’m not sure I can think of anything worse than gathering together a bunch of 4 year olds into an industrial warehouse with slides, ball pits and party food, and letting them run riot for 45 minutes whilst parents look on dazed and confused. It’s especially bad when it’s your family that has called them all together for the birthday of your 4 year old daughter as this means any issues and it’s your problem. It could be worse though… we could have held it at home.

Dark nights and early mornings

One of the many benefits (snigger) of being forced to wake up at 5am most mornings through a combination of 4 month olds, 4 year olds and 40 year olds, is the dark mornings and occasional clear skies. This morning I was able to sneak 30mins with my little refractor whilst the sun was still snoozing and was rewarded with glorious views of some old favourites that ordinarily wouldn’t be seen till much later in winter. That being said, I do think I would prefer the extra 2hours in bed!

Sundays … No longer lazy

I remember enjoying Sundays. Lying in bed till midday gently recovering from the excesses of the night before. Maybe bacon and eggs to start the day then, if I was feeling adventurous, maybe wash the car or gentle chores. If it was dry maybe mow the lawn.

However now I have a family, I’ve discovered that Sundays are no longer the preserve of the lazy… Now I’m forced to wake at some ungodly hour – 5am today – and watch childrens tv until my brain contemplates making a break for it and escaping via my ear canal.

Then supermarket shopping for nappies and other paraphernalia, fighting the crowd for the last parent and child parking spot.

I could go on but to be honest, deep down, I think I like it. I believe I’ve been brainwashed but never the less I wouldn’t change it for the world… Well maybe for bacon…