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Mars and Moon conjunction

Last night was an very clear (and very cold!) night. The moon was full and Mars very bright. I didn’t get a chance to get the ‘scope out but the conjunction looked great. I can imagine there would be lots of great photos on the forums. Makes me wish we had more clear nights!



I spent an enjoyable hour or 2 tonight with my old friend the moon. Using my ED80 on a vixen portamount and a selection of Televue plossl’s I had forgotten how simple stargazing (or rather moon gazing) can still put a smile on my face. Roll on the dark nights even if the weather is a little nippier now. Global warming has a lot to answer for, but warm nights are not one of them! Brrrrrrr. I have yet to write a review of the portamount despite having it for over a year now. It’s a cracking mount and one i would heartily recommend to anyone as a grab and go no frills workhorse.