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Ebook Readers – redux

Well I finally caved over Christmas and purchased myself a Sony PRS-300. I have to say, I was dubious at first, but after using it for about two weeks I’ve already read about 3 novels and a number of short stories on the device so have a good feel for it.

I have to say it’s changed the way I read books. No mean feat.

First it’s a near instant download meaning no waiting for the postman, or missing him and having to take a trip to the sorting office. Choose a book, and there it is, start reading immediately.

Second, adjustable font sizes! Who would have thought such a simple feature would be so useful? Especially in poor light.

Third, the ability to store 100’s of books on the device means I can easily swap between novels when I get bored of one (and bookmark my place for when I return). Yes you can do this with paper books, but not on a train! At first I was considering the PRS-600 as the lack of an SD card slot on the PRS-300 put me off, but really, it’s not a concern.

Fourth, battery life is amazing. Listed as 7000 page turns I don’t think I’ve had to charge my device since I’ve had it. Yes, paper books dont run out of battery, but unlike other electronic devices, I truly haven’t had to think about charging the device, and thats how it should be.

Highly recommended.


eBook readers

I’m currently looking at purchasing an ebook reader. After a recent visit to my mothers I’ve re-acquired hundreds upon hundreds of books put into “storage” I had forgotten about, and in fact some of which I have re-purchased not realising I had already purchased books by specific authors I like.
After trying to work out WHERE to store all these books (I already have around 1000 books to store) I have finally come to the conclusion that ebooks are the way forward. Not only do they take up zero space but are much more manageable and searchable. I’m a fan of Amazon but their Kindle product doesn’t quite fit with me, partly because of the “international” version which you have to purchase from the USA and partly (and mostly) because of the DRM locked in ebooks you are forced to read.
I enjoy reading DRM free out of copyright books and the Kindle doesn’t easily allow you to read these.
I’m currently leaning towards the Sony PRS-300 (pocket edition) or the Sony PRS-600 (touch edition). Both look very good but the cost is still very high. I’m trying to justify to myself that £160 for the PRS-300 is worth it and it’s only 10 full price books worth (or over 20 “normal” priced books). That being said it would allow me to “store” all 1000 books I’m currently hoarding saving valuable space.
Once I’ve made a decision (it may take some time!) I’ll write up a review with photos and add it to this site.