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MacBook Air

Just watched Steve Jobs release the new MacBook Air along with OSX Lion. Not sure what I think about the MBA. Lion is an obvious evolution of the OS, I wouldn’t be surprised is OSXI came out in a year or so with parity across all devices so they share an app store. The only real difference is the screen resolution so why have separate apps and app stores.

Regarding the MBA, at the 999 price point it seems like an expensive iPad alternative. Great for those that create content instead of consume it. But to be honest if I’m creating content I want a screen bigger than 11 or 13 inches. If I’m not creating content then the iPad is a better device for consumption. That’s not to say I don’t think the MBA will sell… It’s lust worthy.


Apples’ $50 billion

I’m curious as to what apple is thinking of buying with it’s “spare” $50 billion… Between the new MacBook air and osx lion there must be something else due in tomorrows gig. Should be fun to watch.

On an unrelated note I saw with interest that seagate have released a 3Tb HDD… I’m continually amazed at the ever increasing rate of change. Singularity here we come!