How to type degrees on OSX

I grew up using PC’s not Macs and when I needed to use a symbol like ° for degrees or Ø for diameter I would use the ALT codes (e.g. ALT-258 or ALT-155 etc). There is a handy list here

But I recently decided to change my main PC to a MacBook… To be honest, its worked fine for me but after 30 years of using PC’s there are a few things that I just dont know without googling. Like how to enter an ALT code. Turns out there is no way to do it! But Apple has thought about it and added some key combo’s to do the same thing. Like to enter the diameter symbol you hold SHIFT-ALT and press O which gives you a nice Ø symbol. Degrees is SHIFT-ALT and 8. I’m guessing they have tried to make the key combo on the key that most looks like the symbol like O for Ø and 8 (Asterisk) for °

I guess it will take me a while to become as proficient on OSX as I am on Windows, but it keeps the old brain ticking over. Linux next…


Winter – again

Looking back on a few posts here and it seems I complain about winter a lot. We had about an inch of snow last night and whilst my kids loved sledging this morning it was -2° and I could feel it! Given all my complaining you would have thought I would have moved somewhere warmer – but no. I’m clearly a slave to northern exposure. Perhaps when I retire I’ll convince the wife we should move to the south of France or something.

In other news I took the bike out for a spin yesterday and decided I am clearly a fair weather cyclist. Roll on March when the clocks go forward.

Oh, I’ve also “Konmaried” all my stuff. Seems to be the in thing at the moment, lets see how long that lasts.