Barn Door Tracker

Spent a happy few hours today knocking together a barn door tracker for astro photography tracking.

very simple device made with two bits of wood, a hinge and a 1/4″ BSW bolt. Hardest part was screwing it all together.

I used two dovetail plates which were already tapped for 1/4″ BSW, one to attach to my tripod head and one to “host” the drive bolt.

barn door 1

barn door 2


I used a spare ball head with a 3/8″ bolt to mount the camera and a bit of plastic to make a handle and thats about it.

A quick and dirty test means I can go from this with no tracking

m45 no tracking 30 second 200mm


To this with tracking

m45 barn door tracking 30 second 200mm

I’m the first to admit i’m not an expert and i’ve not processed these at all, they are just how they came out of the camera. Both are 30 seconds at 200mm f/5.6

With a better polar alignment and a steadier hand I can see it working fine for 30 second shots. My sky wont take much more than 30 seconds unfortunately.




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