Purchased myself a nice new tripod this week (well new for me)

It’s a Manfrotto 055XB which is the version without the 90° center column. I did think about spending the extra on the bells and whistles but I’ll hardly ever use it plus it adds to the weight of the thing.

The only bit I’m going to miss is the foam on the legs, but I can retrofit some pipe lagging if it’s too much of a problem.

It was a bargain second hand from Ffordes Photographic up in Inverness, only £49 in good condition. Considering Manfrotto want £165 rrp for them and WEX sell them for £113 I didn’t think it was too bad at all.

I’m hoping I can use it for a small telescope as well as my D90 camera. Kill two birds with one stone as it were. Need to find a decent head for it. I’m looking at a nice second hand UA Microstar mount for astro work. Should handle a little 80mm refractor or C6 even without too much of a problem.

Once I’ve had a chance to play with it I might even do a little review, not that there is much to tell, these things are fairly ubiquitous given there excellent price


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