Skywatcher heritage 130p

I was recently asked to recommend a first telescope for a friend and I suggested they look at the Skywatcher heritage 130p table top dobsonian (yes it’s a mouthful). Got me to thinking I wouldn’t mind one of those myself:

It gets great reviews and a tiny compact package that contains a 5″ scope and mount. Just add a table and you are ready to go. It’s got a 650mm focal length (f/5) which means a 6mm plossl gives a magnification of 108x which is more than enough to see the Cassini division.

At £1 per mm of aperture it’s probably the cheapest way to get into astronomy and get decent results. They do do a smaller 76mm version but personally I feel thats  a bit too small as the magnification wont be enough to see solar system objects.


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