gtlds (or the great internet landrush)

Well it’s nearly time for a gazillion new internet generic top level domains to be opened to general availability.

I’m not sure the world is ready for it to be honest. Or if there is even a need. Google has become the new DNS system.

At work today someone asked me for the web address for a supplier, i said it’s “” as you do. I then watched them type into google and then to add insult to injury, google being semi-concious gave them a link to the right page which they happily clicked on and went about there business. If there was any justice in the world that simply wouldn’t work.

Anyway, as such it seems there is no need for new gtlds. Just give your domains random numbers and letters and let google sort it all out. I mean, if my site is called who cares if you can’t remember it – google can.


Skywatcher heritage 130p

I was recently asked to recommend a first telescope for a friend and I suggested they look at the Skywatcher heritage 130p table top dobsonian (yes it’s a mouthful). Got me to thinking I wouldn’t mind one of those myself:

It gets great reviews and a tiny compact package that contains a 5″ scope and mount. Just add a table and you are ready to go. It’s got a 650mm focal length (f/5) which means a 6mm plossl gives a magnification of 108x which is more than enough to see the Cassini division.

At £1 per mm of aperture it’s probably the cheapest way to get into astronomy and get decent results. They do do a smaller 76mm version but personally I feel thats  a bit too small as the magnification wont be enough to see solar system objects.