Ad blocker on Synology Diskstation using named server

I had a particularly frustrating browsing experience earlier today with obtrusive adverts and it was the straw that broke the camels back. I decided that I needed to get rid of these irritating adverts once and for all. As I use a number of different devices including OSX, Windows, IOS and android using adblock plus (which is recommended) wasn’t an easy option. I needed a centralised solution. I had seen the press about the kickstarter project adtrap which looked ideal, but I didn’t want to buy ANOTHER box to plug into my network, plus I knew it was just a glorified DNS server with a list of IP’s to redirect.

As I already have a Synology disk station on my network running 24/7 it seemed obvious to use this box as my homebrew ad blocker. I came across this site that explained how to use FreeBSD and named to create an ad blocking server but I was fairly sure I could get named working on my ARM cpu.

First I needed to install IPKG which isn’t straight forward. But I found various resources on the net which I eventually got working. Then I used IPKG to install named. Much easier than I expected it simply worked.

I copied the config files as per the topchan page and voila, a working ad blocking DNS server.

Last step was assign the DNS server to my clients by specifying it on my DHCP server.

Done. All devices now surf ad free. I get faster internet, less interruptions and the wife and kids have not even noticed the change other than there are a LOT less ads these days.


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