iPhone 4s

Just got my hands on an iPhone 4s. A nice piece of kit if a little over priced (duh apple!). Just getting used to the smaller screen (compared to 4.3″ on my old HTC HD2 running android.) Resolution is very nice and I can see the benefits. Siri is a bit of a gimmick in my mind. I’ve used it (her?) once to check it works and that’s about it. I truly can’t see a use case in my day to day usage. If I’m driving I don’t want to be messing with my phone anyway.

Keyboard is very usable, similar to the HD2, I’m surprised how accurate it is given the smaller real estate but I guess that’s more to do with clever software than anything else (damn you autocorrect!)

I bought the phone sim free so I am not “stuck with it” for any contract length. I’m expecting to upgrade next year for the new iPhone 5. That being said this one is pretty good.


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