Our clocks “fall” back tonight. Can’t work out if this is a good thing or a bad thing and should be abolished. Heard talk of changing it to 2 hours which seems even worse. In my mind why not keep the time as a constant and change start/finish times as appropriate. If schools want to start at 10am then they can. If businesses want to change their working hours they can. In this age of 24 hour life it seems odd to enforce the change of a constant when it doesn’t suit everyone (highlands of Scotland for example)

In fact why not go one further and have a global time which is the same worldwide. Does everyone have to start work at 9am? What difference does it make if you call it 9pm if the sun is up and you’ve just had your breakfast. Seems a lot easier to me if my 2pm meeting is at 2pm and I don’t have to work out which timezone people are calling in from and adjust accordingly.


iPhone 4s

Just got my hands on an iPhone 4s. A nice piece of kit if a little over priced (duh apple!). Just getting used to the smaller screen (compared to 4.3″ on my old HTC HD2 running android.) Resolution is very nice and I can see the benefits. Siri is a bit of a gimmick in my mind. I’ve used it (her?) once to check it works and that’s about it. I truly can’t see a use case in my day to day usage. If I’m driving I don’t want to be messing with my phone anyway.

Keyboard is very usable, similar to the HD2, I’m surprised how accurate it is given the smaller real estate but I guess that’s more to do with clever software than anything else (damn you autocorrect!)

I bought the phone sim free so I am not “stuck with it” for any contract length. I’m expecting to upgrade next year for the new iPhone 5. That being said this one is pretty good.