Recently had the opportunity to setup my 80mm refractor to give it a good going over and a “spring clean”. Greased all the gearing on the alt az and made a note to purchase some focuser grips as the old ones have perished. Does anyone know where I can buy ED80 crayford focuser grips from? At the moment I’m keeping my eyes peeled for some wide rubber bands! Not the best of solutions but has worked well for me in the past.

I have to admit I am very pleased with my little 80mm refractor. Even after 5 years of use (and poor treatment to be honest) it is still giving me fantastic performance on clusters and the brighter DSO’s.

However that being said, I’m hankering after aperture. I miss my dobsonian but the price of the lightbridge’s has gone up massively and the 12″ I purchased a few years ago is now 50% more. Perhaps I should have kept that, it would have been an investment!


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