Winter, cold and clouds

Well it’s winter… again. I was rather looking forward to the dark nights so I could get a little bit of astronomy done but I don’t think I’ve seen a clear night yet. I did spot Orion one evening driving home from a restaurant but by the time I had got home the clouds had returned (and the wine probably wouldn’t have helped proceedings either!)

All in all it’s been a rather wet and dismal winter so far as we are only just beginning. It’s bound to get worse; in fact I’m being regaled by colleagues of tales of snow coming, who I’m sure only tell me these things to make me feel worse.

Whilst I’m feeling glum the thought occurs that I may be a victim of seasonal affective disorder. Perhaps something to look into. Either a bit of winter sun or failing that a sunlight lamp perhaps. I wonder if I could get either through company expenses?


Whats that coming over the hill…. is it a monster?!

No it’s my mid 30’s…. Happy Birthday to me…

I never understood birthday celebrations. Yes in bygone days it was something to celebrate the fact that you hadn’t died that winter, but in these modern times your good health is all butĀ guaranteed. Do we really need a constant reminder by well meaning friends and family that the clock is ticking and your death isĀ inevitable and getting closer?

It sounds morbid but I’m of an opinion that these facts should be accepted and you should come to terms with your own mortality. Although that being said I’m a big believer in nanotechnology and I keep hearing that the singularity is just around the corner so maybe I don’t have to accept my mortality… I give myself a 25% chance of living forever (or at least until I get bored). I give my offspring a 50% chance of living forever. I give my grandkids a 99.9% chance of living forever but by then it will be 2110 and we’ll be living on the moon!

All that being said I can’t complain about jelly and ice cream… always welcome!