Sundays … No longer lazy

I remember enjoying Sundays. Lying in bed till midday gently recovering from the excesses of the night before. Maybe bacon and eggs to start the day then, if I was feeling adventurous, maybe wash the car or gentle chores. If it was dry maybe mow the lawn.

However now I have a family, I’ve discovered that Sundays are no longer the preserve of the lazy… Now I’m forced to wake at some ungodly hour – 5am today – and watch childrens tv until my brain contemplates making a break for it and escaping via my ear canal.

Then supermarket shopping for nappies and other paraphernalia, fighting the crowd for the last parent and child parking spot.

I could go on but to be honest, deep down, I think I like it. I believe I’ve been brainwashed but never the less I wouldn’t change it for the world… Well maybe for bacon…


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