Ebook Readers – redux

Well I finally caved over Christmas and purchased myself a Sony PRS-300. I have to say, I was dubious at first, but after using it for about two weeks I’ve already read about 3 novels and a number of short stories on the device so have a good feel for it.

I have to say it’s changed the way I read books. No mean feat.

First it’s a near instant download meaning no waiting for the postman, or missing him and having to take a trip to the sorting office. Choose a book, and there it is, start reading immediately.

Second, adjustable font sizes! Who would have thought such a simple feature would be so useful? Especially in poor light.

Third, the ability to store 100’s of books on the device means I can easily swap between novels when I get bored of one (and bookmark my place for when I return). Yes you can do this with paper books, but not on a train! At first I was considering the PRS-600 as the lack of an SD card slot on the PRS-300 put me off, but really, it’s not a concern.

Fourth, battery life is amazing. Listed as 7000 page turns I don’t think I’ve had to charge my device since I’ve had it. Yes, paper books dont run out of battery, but unlike other electronic devices, I truly haven’t had to think about charging the device, and thats how it should be.

Highly recommended.


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