Early Mornings

Well, I was politely woken this morning by my daughter who is nearly 3. She wanted to get up to watch the television. We came downstairs and I left the missus in bed snoring.
I’ve come to the conclusion that early mornings are not so bad as long as you don’t mind being in bed at 9pm! We probably have saved a fortune on electricity as it’s rare we need to turn the lights on! This way of life no doubt harks back to the time of farmers in the field who only have the sun for company (and maybe a little candle if lucky)
My only complaint is the type of programme my daughter likes isn’t mentally stimulating… I’m not sure how many times I’ve watched this episode of “Fireman Sam” but needless to say I know all the characters names and the theme tune is burned into my mind!
The only consolation is I know when she is 14 I’ll be able to get my own back, but a decade is a long time to wait for revenge!


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