Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year etc


Ice and snow… and ice.

Well due to the recent inclement weather I managed to slip on black ice and fall badly on my left ankle. When I hit the floor I had some nice white flashes and nausea, leading me to believe I had broken something.

As it turns out my ankle was simply sprained, (it has now gone a rather fetching shade of black and purple). I was surprised at the time though as a few bystanders rushed to assist me with one good Samaritan picking me up off the floor and helping me to a bench. A few shopkeepers rallied around and called for assistance and in no time at all a security guard turned up asking if I needed an ambulance. As i’m a big strong man (cough) I declined the ambulance but the response was heartwarming. It reaffirmed my belief in the human species.

Between my recent experience of excellent customer service and now good Samaritans, I’ve got a warm fuzzy feeling inside which may be because it’s Christmas (or because of the painkillers I’m taking for my sprain)


Had a very odd and pleasantly surprising day today.

First I had to arrange a same day courier delivery at work and received excellent service from TNT “Special Services”. The man at the end of the phone actually rang me back when he said he would and kept in contact throughout the delivery. Amazing.

Second I had to sort out my pension with Standard Life. Rang them up and initially was disheartened by there initial “speech recognition” receptionist. As in “please say how we can help you today”, and “please tell us your phone number”. In the past I’ve had dreadful results with these type of things and usually just had to repeat myself when I got through to a human. But in this instance the nice man at the end of the phone actually had all the details I had passed to the robot AND gave me his real name and a direct dial number for him. He said he would sort out all my queries and call me back and strangely I believed him… Amazing.

Thirdly I had to make a payment on my car lease. Rang up Citroen, spoke to a human straight off and managed to make a payment from my bank in under about 120 seconds. Amazing.

These levels of service are unknown to me.  There is hope for the world yet! In the “normal world” I would have expected each of the above to take at least 30 minutes holding in a queue being bombarded by dreary decades old christmas songs. But no… I was quickly and courtesy dealt with, by a human, on every occasion.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!